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Why Choose XPERT?

Composed of homegrown talent from Troy, Missouri, XPERT Group Contracting has been in business since 2016 building up and helping improve the community. After years of watching homeowners struggle with the insurance process to restore their homes, XPERT Group Contracting was born to create a solution. Carrying years of experience serving residential/commercial roofing customers, we understand how to provide the quality service our customers and their buildings deserve.

XPERT’s Foundation

XPERT Group began when two masters of their craft, Jeff Steiner and Jason Ramsour, came together to provide top roofing services across Missouri. Before XPERT, the pair spent their youth dedicated to the business.

Jason has been in the construction industry since he was a boy.  Starting out at a young age on his fathers construction site helping the clean up crew, was just the start. Once he picked up a hammer he never looked back.

Jeff has been an “XPERT” in storm and restoration for the majority of his life. What motivates him to get up every morning is being to aid homeowners with ease through the roofing/insurance process. He loves restoring homes every day as much as he enjoys spending time with his family or watching a football game. When you enjoy what you do, no day ever feels like work.

Quality work is hard to come by these days.
XPERT works even harder to help our customers get what they deserve, great customer service mixed with top-class construction.
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XPERT Group Contracting depends on your satisfaction and uses their professional skills and customer service to accomplish great results. Whether you need a roof repair or total replacement on your home or building, XPERT Group Contracting is your source for outstanding quality and customer care.

Are you a commercial property owner, manager, or superintendent in Missouri? Call XPERT Group Contracting whenever your roof needs a small repair or complete replacement. (636) 697-2429